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modesty & truth

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...whoever you're,whereever you're,how longer you live and what ever you did oneday you will die and you will let everything you did behind as you never existed before...

                         will not last forever try the best forever and be open minded...




O -------> Optimistic & Obvious.
U -------> Understandable & Unique.
L -------> Lovely & Lively.
I -------> Innocent & Inspirational.
S -------> Smiling & Smart.
S -------> Serious & Shy.
F -------> Funny & Faithful.
A -------> Active & Ambitious.
N -------> Normal & Nomad.

WHO I’M!!!

I’m Amazigh (Berber) and I enjoy living simply, and believe in cooperation instead of competition, in peace instead of struggle and in love instead of hate. I like to create and explore as I am very friendly, simple, open minded, funny, crazy sometimes :-), optimistic and easy going. Future and people safety matters are at the top of my list. Laughing, bicycles, organizing, music, dancing, climbing, and reading are next J, I enjoy sharing food and traditions with my guests so that keep us alive in a consumption-culture. I tend to wiggle my foot and to sing in a funny way when I'm content. I have fun without any drugs and I am always high after the first day :). I’ m so interested in meeting and hosting people from all.


my name's RACHID OUBASSLAM, I have OULISSFAN as a nickname, I am Amazigh man, I was born in 17/06/1985 in beautiful village named Almrhou near to the Imilchil city near to Sahara, and this city is famous with its festival of engagement and of international music in every August. I live right now in Tighassaline, my life is so simple and modest, and I’m from a modest simple family also. I had studied like everybody via the pen, book & copybook, I was graduated in 2003/2004 with my Bachelor diploma in Linguistic studies (English), June 2008 I was graduated with an agricultural diploma as a qualified student, I like nature, animals and life, I am interested in other cultures, languages, ways of thinking and in hosting people from all over the globe. I had got 2 brothers one is 20 and the other is 25 and I had got 1 sister who's 18 years old. At that moment I am trying to get another diploma in carpentry field as a qualified student too, I enjoy sculpturing on the wood, as I can't bear unfaith & lies (wonder why people lie!?! As long as they will never change the truth:)) I like Life, openness, humility, self-confidence, optimism, loyalty, tolerance, fun, innocence, seriousness and love of others.
simple, human, modest, and funny person, this is how i am!!!:)



For me Life is the greatest school. The best school. And those who did not learn the greatest lessons, life teaches us the largest. We live in this life and we move in its streets. We seek its roads. We stop in its station. Through our way we encounter lots of lessons. Yes, we encounter and coexistence. We feel pain, suffer and learn .We continue to move to encounter again and learn from the School of Life. Our lives are often difficult... And dilute to face our conditions are stronger than we have. Our shocks are harder to accommodate. This is happening with everybody and this is our reality which is inevitable for us .Always we make ourselves performance stronger to face. Some of us benefit and some never, perhaps the misery controlled them heavily. This weakens the ability of their great confrontation. No one denies the importance of planning in human life, is the first steps towards success, in order to achieve your goals in life, you must know these goals first of all, and then define the way to achieve those goals ... This so-called planning.


....always give smile because smile is the key of hearts.... 
i hope you the best of luck and comfort, especially for
my dearest sister Magda...full interest to hear from you ...Rachi






JFor the cup of all Russians J


Ça fait plus

De quatre cents ans

Que les gens

Se demandent pourquoi

Elle sourit ...

Moi, je sais ...

Elle avait sûrement quelqu'un comme toi

JDans sa vie pour la protéger et la garder! J



It’s a long time ago
four hundred years
that people
wonder why
she smiles ...
I know ...
she had certainly someone like you
Jin her life to care about it & to protect it! J



for me the joy of life is to do something that had never been done or had never been expected...enjoy your life truthfully and live it sincerlly...