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Amazigh jewellery 


the Souss jewellery



Candle holder Jeny "bleu"

Candle holder Jeny "bleu"

SKU: 420041

Candle holder made with metal and louban a material used in berber jewlery 



Tuareg aluminum bracelet
79.5 grams; 2.8 oz.
7 x 8.5 cm
An antique Tuareg bracelet of a very desirable type, cast aluminum with polyhedral knobs on the ends. That this bracelet has great age and was extensively worn is evidenced by the degree it has been worn smooth.




Baule anklet 18th c.(?)
2.25 lbs. 3.75 in high  x  6 ”wide
interior radius 3 ”inches
This piece of antique adornment from West Africa comes from the time when such giant baubles were worn by women on their arms and legs as a sign of wealth.  Made from a lost-wax casting, this anklet is not as heavy as its size suggests, for it is hollow, and has a narrow slit in it so that it can be played musically like a gong.  Worn smooth from use. 

Bororo Fulani beadwork veil
76.5 g.,  9.5

A beautiful and rare veil to cover the face of a modest Fulani maid. Made with intricate glass seed-bead work and colored thread.



Turkmen silver tribal frontal
14.5 inches; 37 cm long

3.16 oz; 89.5 grams

Articulate silver belt with red glass set on each element that was worn on a woman's head in Turkmenistan, ca. 1950s.

Amulet box, ca. 1940.

Authentic traditional Moroccan amulet. Silver with green and gold enamel and red and green faceted cabouchon glass gems set in bezels, and three coins, two from Morocco and one a US 1942 Mercury dime.Total weight 50.7 grams. 2" x 3.5".


In Gall Pendant

13.2 grams -- 55 cm

This antique traditional Tuareg pendant is from the In Gall region of Niger. It incorporates a special red glass bead in a wax matrix in a silver casing, with a silver loop or bale anchored to its sides.


Moroccan pendant 19th c.

A beautiful, delicate and rare antique pendant. Silver sheet (2.5" x 3.2") with open-work and with silver settings for 11 pieces of colored cabouchon glass. Ancient repair to the top bale. 14.7 grams.


Moroccan scented clove necklace

Scented necklaces were popular in the Maghreb. Older necklaces could be fed perfumes and essences.

A rare original tribal stringing with cloves, glass, metal, and faux amber beads strung upon 26 inch multiple strands of wool cord. 98 grams.

Antique silver shawl pin, Morocco

4 inches; 23.3 grams

A fibula from Morocco that was made with a silver French coin. 'Republique Francaise' is still legible. Worn smooth from being handled and there is some surface black pitch left on it. Still fully functional.



Zulu beadwork brideprice bracelet
6" x 2.5" or 15 x 6.5 cm
31.8 grams
A Zulu beadwork bracelet weaving using colored glass seed beads to make a pattern showing numbers and letters that make reference to the brideprice needed for a young man to pay for his wedding. Excellent usable condition.


Tizabeten solid silver dowry earrings

Kel Air Tuaregs Niger

These large and heavy earrings were sometimes supported by a cord attached to the hair. The polyhedral knobs are exquisitely incised and stamped.

28.5 grams each; 2 inches across




Tanfouk necklace, Agadez, Niger.

pendant 10.5 cm -- 4.1" long, 7 mm wide

90.3 grams -- 3.18 oz.

A top quality Tuareg necklace with finely worked silver ornamentation around an agate tanfouk, specially made in Germany for the Tuareg market. A 28" long beaded stringing with silver Tuareg tube beads and dark red round Bohemian Prosser beads. The closure is a machine-made twist-type, but the stringing is Tuareg (Inaden).



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